The night close in solitude, as I look across the valley for a glimmer of her essence in the moonlight.  To my delight, she is there. I slowly move down the trail to catch a better view of her dancing.The moon is full, the time is right for the dance.  I must be careful for if she sees me it means instant death. As I crawled to the edge of the meadow, a lone coyote sprang from the cottonwoods.  The coyote bolted, baying at me as he ran.  Trouble would soon be fast coming. She would know now, I must move fast to survive.  No hesitation now, on a dead run I made for the river, my only chance at making this work……….more later

You Are Not Them

Me - Who am I?

people Have you ever felt like you had to compete with those around you, or that you weren’t good enough? Maybe you brought this feeling upon yourself, or perhaps it was brought on by someone else. In a recent conversation, a middle aged woman mentioned that her relative makes frequent comments about her appearance.

“You wear the same style shirt all the time. Your accessories are too flashy. What happened to your hair? Makeup would fix that.” While we’re at it, let’s not forget the media’s constant promotion of size 0. This is what is wrong with society. This is a major cause of why people starve themselves, hide in the darkness, get plastic surgery and commit suicide.

Why do people feel that they have to look a certain way, or dress according to what’s ‘in style’? What style? Clothes are clothes. There is no such thing as the fashion…

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1.  The births of my 3 children and the lives they have built for themselves.  They are amazing people!  (even though I’m their Mom, poor things)

2.  My Dad teaching me not to be afraid of anything to do with the ocean from riptides to sharks and how to swim, snorkel and scuba dive.  Best Dad ever!

3.  Being with my Irish Grandmother when she died on St. Patrick’s Day, she was holding her Irish Lace Handkerchief and Rosary, and was smiling.



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